Self-directed Lab Testing

Genetic Nutrition  Test:  $199

Organic Acid Tests: $ Varies

Great Plains OAT:  $299 – $358

Metametrix/Genova Organix:  $325 – $380



Self-directed Lab Testing

Genetic Nutrition Variant Test:  $199

Organic Acid Tests (varied costs)

Great Plains OAT:  $299 – $358

Metametrix/Genova Organix:  $325 – $380


Laboratory tests contribute immensely to our work together. They include a genetic variant test and an organic acids test.  A mycotoxin (mold immunoglobulin) test is recommended.

You will order the genetic variant test through me (it is fulfilled by a lab at Rutgers University in New Jersey, USA in coordination with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Nutri-Genetic Research Institute.)

You will order the other tests on your own through one of several online lab test services, such as MyMedLab.  There are two labs offering organic acid tests:  Metametrix/Genova, and Great Plains Labs.

We are not looking for disease, nor are we addressing disease; instead, we are looking at how well your body functions at the cellular level, unfolding a cutting-edge new world of health data unique to you.

This data indicates how well you are able to use nutrients, and how well you are able to expel wastes (detoxify) from natural metabolism and exogenous influences like electromagnetic frequencies, pollutants in our air, pesticides in our food, and mycotoxins in our living spaces (to name just a few of many).

You will need the results of these two tests to fully participate in the personalized wellness coaching program.

For more information on the tests and software I use, please visit tMetametrix/Genova and Great Plains Labs websites.

You will receive a high-level report of findings.


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