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Sick Kids, Gifts & Thank You Notes: What To Expect

Parents of sick children are extremely appreciative of gifts given their children by friends, families, and communities. The value of these supportive gestures is hard to overstate.

When people give children presents during the course of illness and treatment, these gifts are a mercy. They distract from uncomfortable treatments. They break up the monotony of a day.

Still more importantly, these gifts acknowledge the challenge of the courageous fight a child faces.

They honor a unique bravery these children are forced to call up and discover within themselves – far sooner than they should.

What these gifts do not call up are thank you notes.

Most people, I believe, understand this when giving a present in such circumstances. I was surprised to find that parents of sick kids worry about this.

But the parents of sick kids do worry about a perception that these efforts aren’t appreciated.

Parents of sick children worry that their inability to respond to these gifts with a bread and butter note will be misconstrued.

These mothers and fathers want to say thank you.

These mothers and fathers don’t have time.

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